PM2.5 Active Carbon Filters for Scorpion Face Mask (5pk)

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The reusable KN95 respirator mask offers 95% protection from all non-oil based fluids. From coughs, sneezes, saliva and any other airborne bodily fluids to tiny particles in polluted and public areas, this respirator has got you covered.

KN95 masks are used by healthcare officials, construction teams, for biking, when using public transportation, traveling, hiking, or when visiting polluted areas.

The PM2.5 filters, filter tiny particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers in diameter, which is about 3% the diameter of a human hair. They are used for traveling, hiking when visiting polluted areas or blocking out some viral diseases. Also, the best filters to prevent air pollution from entering the body. They add an added layer of protection to the KN95 masks.